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Benefits of massage for someone undergoing cancer treatment or with a cancer history


General Benefits 

● deep relaxation
● reduced stress
● improved sleep
● eased constipation
● increased alertness and mental clarity
● reduced anxiety
● less nausea
● reduced pain 


Before and After Surgery 

● reduced anxiety in advance of surgery
● easier recovery from anesthesia
● reduced post-surgical pain
● improved mobility and appearance of surgical scars
● reduced swelling
● improved range of motion
● easier adaptation to implants and expanders 


Before and After Radiation or Chemotherapy

● reduced anxiety in advance of and during treatment
● reduced post-treatment fatigue
● improved appetite
● improved peripheral neuropathy 


Emotional Benefits 

● decreased anxiety
● decreased depression
● increased feelings of well-being
● being pleasantly distracted
● improved body self-image
● restored hope
● satisfaction in participating actively in a part of the healing process

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